10 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Christmas 2011

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gifts Don't Have to Be Bland. Consider These Ideas

Christmas gift-buying season is upon us once again, and this year you don't want to wait until the last minute and buy a lame tie or an uninspired toaster. No, this year you want to do something unique and thoughtful. You want your Christmas gift to show someone you really care about them. You want it to be special.

I've put together ten unique Christmas gift ideas to get you started in the right direction. I hope you find something on this list that inspires you to find that perfect gift!

Customize Your Christmas Gift

Customized gifts, by their very nature, show that you put special thought into your purchase. Furthermore, customized gifts are guaranteed to be unique--one of a kind. You can create customized gifts online if you have the Flash plugin installed--shirts, mugs, underwear, baseball caps, you name it. You can upload your pictures and put them on these items. On a related note, I really love these personalized children's books as a gift idea. They are great for young children.

Get Tickets to a Sold-Out Show or Concert

TickCo has hard-to-find tickets for sale for sporting events, concerts, and Broadway and Las Vegas shows. They even have tickets to "sold-out" events. Treat that special woman in your life to an unforgettable evening on Broadway. Surprise your man with seats at a sold-out Ozzy concert. Wouldn't that go over better than another boring tie?

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Consider a Gift of the Month Club. Maybe your dad is a wine connoisseur, or maybe he's more of a beer man. Maybe your sister loves coffee, and chocolate is the way to your mother-in-law's heart. Or maybe you're a husband who would like to have flowers sent to your wife at work (women love that!). You can have any of these items--as well as pizza, fruit, and cigars--delivered each month to your gift recipient, and each month when the gift arrives, he or she will be reminded that you care.

Plan an Unforgettable Get-Away

A trip on a cruise ship is a sure way to wow someone (see my article on reasons to cruise). Prices are at an all-time low; you can request information from Carnival.com on cruise specials as low as $259 per person. If you're looking to splurge a little more, Go Ahead Tours offers distinctive tours to a variety of exotic locations at reasonable prices. Rekindle your love with a trip to Italy; spend a week in Mexico's Yucatan; or go truely exotic with an African safari. Let your creativity drive your choice.

Give Someone a Christmas Pet

This works best when you're shopping for your own spouse or child, but could be considered for others providing you are completely sure they are able and willing to care for it. Puppies and kittens are classic Christmas pets. Save the bunnies for Easter. Birds are an interesting choice. I'm partial to parakeets (read my page on parakeets), because they are inexpensive and rather easy to care for. You may even be able to find a parakeet in someone's favorite color! They are typically found in shades of blue, green, yellow, and white.

Buy Quality Gifts For Children

Whether you are Christmas shopping for your own kids, nieces or nephews, or even your boss's kid, you'll feel better about your gift if you avoid the heavily-promoted, low-value junk sold in most mainstream toy stores. Instead, consider online specialty toy retailers. I think the marble run at KazooToys.Com looks cool. Melissa and Doug toys are known to have a reputation for quality. Toys R Us has started carrying some of their line, but you can also browse the MelissaAndDoug.com web site. Shop for quality and feel good about your puchases.

Create Something With Your Bare Hands

For a truly unique Christmas gift, avoid commercialism altogether and build it yourself. Be creative. If you're handy with wood, try a building block set for a child or a bird feeder for an acquaintance. If you knit, try a blanket or sweater in their favorite color. Whatever your talent, a hand-crafted gift will surely be warmly received this Christmas.

Give the Gift of Art

A beautiful painting is a different and classy gift idea. Find the perfect painting at Brushstrokes Fine Art, where they have a wide selection including works by contemporary artists as well as the masters. Find something to fit your budget and really wow someone this Christmas.

A Magazine Subscription for Any Interest

Not yet inspired by any of the previous gift ideas? This is an easy one: Give gift subscription to a magazine! It's affordable, it's straight-forward, and it shows you were thoughtful about their interests. You can find great savings at Best Deal Magazines. There something for everyone on your shopping list.

Name a Star for that Special Person

It may be a bit campy, but it's definitely different. You can name a star in the sky after a loved one. This may be an easy gift choice when you're wondering what to get for that person who has everything.

I hope you have found these gift ideas helpful. The general idea is, do something different this Christmas. Let your loved ones know you put extra thought and creativity into your gifts. Let your gifts be remembered long after you've given them. That is the hallmark of a great Christmas gift. God bless you and may you have a great Christmas this year!

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